“It’s the best video in the nine-year history of Brandworkers. I’m really grateful to you because those of us who get to be on the ground in this struggle know these stories but we’ve never managed to tell it to a broader audience. The work of you and your team has really taken my breath away. We’re fortunate to have connected with you because the mastery of your craft coupled with an understanding of this profound struggle for dignity is out of this world. Your work will help turn marginalized voice into power and agency.”
-Daniel Gross, Executive Director, Brandworkers

“Wow! The video looks SO good! Thank you so much. Having livestreamed and now having video of this quality is going to do a lot to help us get the messages of these plenaries to a whole lot more people than we could have otherwise. Thank you for your great work!!”
-Helen Stillman, Let Us Breath Forum, North Star Fund

“I’ve collaborated with Almoradie Media on a number of projects over the years. As a professional colleague Desireena is simply one of the best producers I’ve worked with. She is always punctual with sensitive deadlines while managing a flexible attitude with client needs. She delivers consistently excellent work and is a focused and experienced director who brings a creative touch to all levels of production. She is also incredibly generous with her time and resources and collaborated closely with me on several contracts pro-bono. I could not recommend her enough for for-profit and non-profit projects and I always recommend her to clients who are looking for a professional producer who delivers excellent material.”
-Colin Fitzpatrick, Multimedia and Interactive Producer

“Desireena is a skilled director and producer with decades of experience and well-honed instincts when it comes to advertising production as well as independent and documentary filmmaking. She is pragmatic, honest, dogged and patient, gives warm but straightforward counsel and has an excellent roster of connections to get projects done at any level of budget. I have no reservations about recommending her work and services to any filmmaker or advertising client.”
-Ian Davis Smith, Producer, Pipeline PS/FCB Health

“I recently recommended Almoradie Media LLC to work with a nonprofit that I work for. We needed someone to edit our Gala video when our original editor fell through last minute. Desireena was on the job and saved us from a messy situation. In the end, she created a gorgeous video that wowed our funders at our gala, with amazing graphics and titles. Almoradie Media LLC has a range of experience with corporate and nonprofit clients. Their camera work is fantastic, graphics superb, and they are a pleasure to work with! I give this company my highest recommendation!”

-Emily North, Freelance Graphic Designer